Vivid discovers the only way to make an SRT Viper more vicious is with carbon fiber

While the 2013 SEMA show floor might be flooded with lowered Chevrolet Sonics and purple Scion FR-S, there is still reason to tune into the coverage. And it comes in the form of a carbon fiber Viper from Vivid Racing.

Normally, when you hear about Vegas and a company named Vivid, you might be expecting some kind of adult entertainment. In fact, that’s exactly what you are getting; it’s just not pornography with naked people. Instead, it’s the automotive kind.

The Vivid Viper perhaps the most incredible use of carbon fiber on any performance car at this year’s SEMA. Vivid Racing partnered with carbon experts Seibon to replace most of the swoop-y body with carbon fiber.

The most impressive bit by far is the hood. The massive clamshell was forged as one piece. And, as you can see from the pictures, it looks like it belongs on a stealth fighter rather than a car.

Also new to this concept are carbon fiber splitters, diffusers, skirts, and a massive new wing. My bet is that anyone who is going to drive this car is going to be very happy about that added downforce because this much weight saving is going to make SRT’s already unpredictable 640 horsepower snake downright vicious.

Vivid gives no news on what changes lurk underneath all that sublime carbon fiber, but Vivid wants us to have high expectations. Vivid says that SEMA goers are in for a surprise.

Personally, I am thrilled to see just what kind of performance Vivid has in store for its carbon fiber Viper.

The SRT Viper is one of my favorite cars – not because it’s apparently a terror to drive – but because it screams raw sports car in a way that few other cars can.

That’s why I am so glad to see the big bad snake make its way to SEMA with Vivid. After all, it’s a place where brash over-the-top performance is king.