Stow that wire brush, the rusty finish on this VW Transporter was actually done on purpose

Oh, the things people pay money for.

The owner of a Volkswagen Transporter van in Scotland recently decided that his rig’s glossy black finish was far too conventional. In what could be an homage to the oxidized hippy vans of the 1960s — or perhaps an attempt to deter theft — this particular customer decided to create the appearance that his T5 Sportline was covered in a material most people dread: rust.

In actuality, the faded metal and iron oxide are part of a custom vinyl project done by Clyde Wraps in Glasgow. The entire van was enlisted in the effort in order to make sure the rust was omnipresent, running from the door handles, to the roof, to the doors, and even the mirrors. By adding fake metal panels with realistic rivets — and creating unique patterns and shapes on either side —the T5 looks like it’s been sitting in a junkyard for years. In fact, unless you’re up close and personal with the big van, the only cue that it isn’t a real rust bucket is the pair of modern headlights sticking out of the faux oxidized shell.

The matte finish wrap is so convincing that the customer was pulled over by police just three days after taking delivery. Apparently, the cops just wanted to know what was wrong.

If you’re looking for a new van with a more traditional exterior, put the fuzzy dice down and check out Volkswagen’s new California camper. Based on the sixth-generation Transporter, the California is essentially a house on wheels with major retro flair.

Interior photos haven’t been released yet, but the camper features a pop-up top that sleeps two, a removable picnic table, and available amenities like a full kitchen, stainless steel sink, two-burner stove, and a small refrigerator. Anyone up for a road trip?