Flying buttresses ain’t cheap. And this $200,000 Cayman S by Studioforino proves it

In the early motoring days, before the modern the production line was invented, cars had to be built off of a rolling chassis. Thus coachbuilders came into play,  building one-off, completely customized “coaches” for customers.

After World War II mass production started, and ended the amazing era where cars were individual creations. Remarkably, some coachbuilders have been extremely resilient and survived the tumultuous automotive history.

As a small Italian coach building company located in Turin, Italy, Studiotorino is a perfect example.

Though founded in 1919, Studiotorino’s amazing tradition of car customization continues today, as we can see in its newest Cayman S based example, the Moncenisio.

The 2014 Cayman S has been totally reworked, and, man, does it look absolutely stunning in baby, Italian-boy-blue.

To create a the Moncenisio, Studiotorino replaced the front bumper, smoothed out everything behind the B pillars, and added flying buttresses to top it all off.

It’s a very unique look and it goes extremely well with the Cayman. A CNC aluminum gas-cap also stands out prominently in the sea of blue. Once your eyes glide from the front to the back of this Mona Lisa, you will notice some rear fender marks, a hint at the Panamericana Porsche 955 spyder of old.

20-inch, 2elle-engineering forged wheels are used in combination with Pirellis embroidered with Moncenisio graphics. Performance upgrades? Who needs ’em? With a car this good looking, anyone trying to pass this blue beauty will just stop and stare.

Studiotorino has deemed their wonderful masterpiece so beautiful in fact, that only 19 models will be made. At what price can beauty be bought? Try $200,000 on for size … and that’s before you buy a Cayman.

Makes sense, though. Beauty isn’t cheap.