Windshield included, the Pininfarina Sergio is finally headed for (limited) production

In 2013, Italian design house Pininfarina stripped a Ferrari 458 down to its guts and built something called the Pininfarina Sergio.

As with all Pininfarina Ferraris, the Sergio had a rare design flair that can only accompany a custom-built design, and it oozed a distinct appeal that you just can’t put your finger on. Pininfarina’s never look quite real, as if their brilliance is too radical, too futuristic to exist in our universe.

The Sergio was no exception to that rule, because as a concept car, it would likely never see a mass production line. After all, it had no windows or windscreen, just a couple crash helmets and an unlimited supply of rarified air.

But now, according to Autoblog, the impossible may be happening, windscreen included.

Ferrari has confirmed an extremely-limited production run of 6 units for the Sergio, so don’t expect to see the disorienting, shark-like supercar in your local car park anytime soon.

“This extreme limited and exclusive series celebrates 60 years of collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina,” said company spokesman Matteo Torre.

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There are more changes to the Sergio besides some added glass. The headlight strip, which nearly spans the entire front fascia, has been bumped farther up the hood. According to the Ferrari source, the deep side air intakes are less expressive on the production version, with vents on the B-pillar stretching in response.

Unverified photos posted by The Supercar Kids show an even more dramatic departure from the Sergio concept. The car almost looks like a stretched Toyota MR2 from the side, which is not an ugly car by any means, but it doesn’t exactly fit with the ethos of Pininfarina Ferrari. Let’s hope the production version stays a bit closer to the original concept.

Watch the concept unveiling video by Pininfarina Official here.

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