Would Fiat’s move to the U.S. help or hurt future Chrysler vehicle design?

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown EditionThe Fiat ads that depict the cars making the underwater trek from Italy and emerging on the shores of U.S. waters could be signs of something much bigger on the horizon for the Chrysler Group.

According to the Detroit News, the Italian car company is now strongly considering moving its corporate headquarters to the U.S. following a merger with Chrysler.

The news source reports that Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne wants to relocate the company from Turin to the U.S., where Fiat is now making most of its cash.

In 2012, Fiat generated 75 percent of its profit in the U.S.      

The Detroit News report doesn’t specifically say where Fiat would be located, but Marchionne has previously said he favors a New York listing for the merged company.

While the Fiat move would likely be welcomed in the U.S., the relocation could spark some backlash in Italy, where the industrial sector is on a decline, reports the Detroit news.

However, the potential shift also raises some concerns regarding the recent momentum Chrysler has gained across its entire product line-up.

Since Fiat’s acquisition of Chrysler in 2009, the Detroit-based carmaker has made some significant strides in both vehicle design and engineering, which has been heavily influenced by Fiat’s Italian roots.  


From the new Jeep Grand Cherokee to the all-new Viper (interior pictured), you’ll now find an element of European influence in Chrysler cars with everything from driving dynamics to interior features.   

Even Chrysler’s overall approach to new automobiles has changed since the carmaker has established stronger roots in Italy.

It’s a noticeable element that has given Chrysler vehicles much more global appeal.     

The Detroit News reports that Fiat would likely still maintain its European headquarters in Turin. But it still makes you wonder if Chrysler would lose some of that European appeal – or gain more of it – if Fiat was based in the U.S.

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