You’re doing it wrong: Brazilian man buries Bentley in backyard to save for afterlife

youre doing it wrong brazilian man buries bentley in backyard to save for afterlife brazillian burial 1

Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco but one Brazilian man is leaving his Bentley in the ground – under his lawn to be precise.

Some people put their prize possessions on the mantle or in a safety deposit box. Sao Paulo businessman Conde Chiquinho Scarpa aims to put his Bentley Continental Flying Spur underground so that he might be able to enjoy it in the afterlife, according to Auto Express.

I know. I am flabbergasted, too.

Brazillian Bentley Burial

So inspired by a television program of the pharos of ancient Egypt, 62-year-old Scarpa decided to bury the Flying Spur in a plot on the grounds of his estate. His hope is that he’ll be able to haul around heaven in British luxury motoring style.

“For those who are wavering, just yesterday I’ve already begun to make the hole in the yard to bury my Bentley. By the end of the week I bury him,” Scarpa said in a statement on his Facebook page.

I wonder if Scarpa knows what will quickly become of his prize possession. Even cars locked in underground bunkers designed for long-term storage quickly succumb to rust. Simply tossed in a big hole, Scarpa’s bespoke sedan will surely disintegrate quickly.