Zeus Twelve Gold & White Collection bundles, sports car, speed boat, and motorcycle

The concept of one-stop shopping works pretty well with groceries, clothing, and hardware, so why not do the same with cars, motorcycles, and boats?

That’s the idea behind the Zeus Twelve Gold & White Collection, which bundles a sports car, motorcycle, and speed boat for those who are rich enough to afford all three, but too lazy to browse different dealers.

First up is the Scionne electric sports car. Like seemingly every other electric sports car, it’s based on the Lotus Elise. No powertrain details have been released, but Zeus Twelve promises a luxurious interior that will be a significant upgrade over the stock Elise’s minimalist cabin.

The Scionne is paired with the Thorium electric motorcycle, which features a Bang & Olufsen audio system that can play synthesized engine noises, in addition to music.

Completing the trio is the Avalonne, a 41-foot boat with a composite hull and diesel engine that can reach a top speed of 40 knots. There’s seating for eight on deck and sleeping quarters for four below.

Each piece of the collection is finished in matching white-and -gold color schemes that should make them hard to miss, although the colors may invite questions about the owner’s possession of taste.

It will be awhile before anyone assembles the full set, though. The Thorium motorcycle won’t begin delivery until 2015, followed by the Scionne electric sports car in 2016, and the Avalonne boat in 2017.

While most startup car companies smell of vaporware, this one positively reeks. On one new vehicle development project is often too much for a small company, so three is, to say the least, ambitious.

It’s also unclear whether the package deal will be enough to attract affluent buyers. After all, there are plenty of exotic sports cars, motorcycles, and boats available with more-recognizable brand names.

In fact, given its past collaborations with Cigarette Racing, Mercedes-Benz AMG is only a motorcycle away from pulling off something similar.