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EditorsKeys provides the custom Surface keyboard covers Microsoft forgot

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There was a time when Microsoft seemed destined to make custom covers for its Surface detachable tablets. The first hint was a limited edition Surface Music Cover that came and just as quickly left and hopes for application-specific covers died along with it. Now, however, keyboard overlay make EditorsKeys is stepping in with its new Adobe Surface keyboard cover options, OnMSFT reports.

Basically, the keyboard covers are overlays that provide shortcuts to some of the core features for a variety of Adobe products. Each cover costs $37, and they not only provide handy shortcuts but also help keep your Surface keyboard protected from dust and spills.

EditorsKeys makes covers for the Surface Pro and older Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book, and the Surface Laptop. In the case of the newest Surface machines that feature Alcantara fabric, the covers provide at least a little extra protection of the somewhat controversial material.

Users can choose from of covers, including those for Adobe Audition, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premier. Each cover provides over 100 shortcuts for most of the applications, and EditorsKeys promises up to 40 percent speed improvements in Premiere.

The keys include the appropriate Adobe shortcut along with a text reference and standard typing letters. In addition, the shortcuts are grouped by color to make it easier to find similar tools and achieve a more efficient workflow. Examples include play functions being blue and timeline tools being yellow.

The specific cover selections include:

  • Adobe Audition: Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro, Surface Book
  • Adobe Lightroom: Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop
  • Adobe Photoshop: Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop

The covers are made of an ultra-thin silicone material that is water-resistant and washable. They are also easy to put on and take off, letting users easily improve their creativity with the supported Adobe applications without hampering the rest of their work.

EditorsKeys also makes covers for the MacBook Pro line, along with a line of backlit keyboards that provide the same shortcut functionality for any PC or Mac. The covers are available to order from the EditorsKeys site for $37.

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