Antec’s Signature S10 tower case will set you back $499

All of the details on Antec’s new tower chassis, the Signature S10, have finally come out. It’s sleek, efficient, and priced at $499, according to

The Signature S10 separates the power, storage, and motherboard into their own chambers. Within the storage chamber, the chassis can hold up to six 3.5-inch hard drives and three 2.5-inch drives near the front of the case. A 120mm fan situated at the bottom of the chassis circulates air around the storage devices.

If you’re worried about it being an eyesore, the S10 has swing-away doors to cover the storage and motherboard chamber. You’ll also have a choice of brushed aluminum or tempered glass side panels.

The motherboard chamber has its own cooling courtesy of three 120mm intake fans near the front of the chassis. Two 140mm fans and a 120mm fan work to exhaust heat directly out of the case. The motherboard tray itself has cable grommets and one inch of clearance for cable routing behind it.

GPUs up to 12.5 inches long can fit into the S10, along with air coolers up to 6.5 inches tall in the main chamber. Radiators that are up to 280mm long can easily be mounted on the top of the S10, and the front wall has enough space for an outrageously massive 360mm liquid cooler.

In total, the S10 has ten expansion slots, and it’s compatible with the E-ATX and XL-ATX motherboards, in addition to standard ATX and Micro-ATX form factors.

The Signature S10 weighs around 40 pounds, according to Anandtech. It’s also about 24-by-23 inches in size, making it one of the largest tower cases on the market. However, it may be worth looking at if you want a chassis that can reliably accommodate all of your hardware now and far into the future.