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AOC slaps a racing stripe on its new line of gaming displays

Although the spelling is a little different, it feels fitting to talk about the first Agon display from AOC, what with the new season of Game of Thrones running alongside its debut. Part of that Agon range, the AG271QX is a 27-inch display with decent resolution, refresh rate, and response time that is sure to offer gamers looking to upgrade something to consider.

Looking to tap into the gaming market that isn’t quite ready for 4K yet, the new Agon monitor operates at a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 on a TN panel, which is where the fast 1ms response time comes from. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz, too, so it can display those high frame rates you’re kicking out.

It can even do it all in sync with the GPU, too, as this display supports Freesync between 30 and 100Hz.

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Although solid, none of these features are likely to blow you away, so AOC is hoping to pull in some support with a fancy-looking bezel. From the front, the edging is tastefully thin, with a matte-black paint job and some red accenting, but on the back, it’s fitted with a bold red stripe that will really stand out in an LAN hall.

It also sports a small hook on the right-hand side (from the front) to let you hang your headphones — quite a nice desk-tidying addition that saves you from making a secondary purchase for one.

Connectivity wise, AOC hasn’t been very forthcoming about what we can expect, but we do know that it’s slated to arrive at some point in June, according to TechReport.

It’s said to cost 600 euros when it debuts, though that figure is likely value-added-tax-inclusive. If so, it’s likely to come in at somewhere near $500 in the U.S..

While that isn’t bad, it’s not necessarily the most attractive of options when Acer is offering 4K monitors with similar features for only $100 more. What do you think of AOC’s new red-striped Agon display?

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