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Apple’s October 18 event expected to feature M1X MacBook, AirPods 3, and more

It’s official: Apple’s next blockbuster event is scheduled for 10 a.m. PT on Monday, October 18. Clear your schedule, because this is going to be a big one.

This October Apple event is expected to feature the biggest update to the MacBook Pro in years. Specifically, the MacBook Pro 13 is getting completely remodeled into a 14-inch MacBook Pro, complete with thinner display bezels, a flat-edged design inspired by the iPad Pro, and much more port variety (including the return of MagSafe). There might even be a high-tech mini-LED display.

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Also expected is the Apple M1X chip, the next evolution for the M1. When it first launched in late 2020, the M1 made waves by absolutely blowing its rivals out the water in terms of performance and efficiency. The M1X is expected to offer speed improvements and more Thunderbolt channels than the M1, potentially allowing for more Thunderbolt 3 ports than the measly two that current MacBook Pro models can offer.

The MacBook Pro 16 is also in line for some big changes, namely its first Apple Silicon chip and a chassis redesign similar to the MacBook Pro 14’s. As noted by journalist Mark Gurman and others, many Apple stores are showing the current MacBook Pro 16 is unavailable for pickup, hinting that new models are expected to be revealed soon.

But the Apple event is not just going to focus on new MacBooks — Apple has a lot more up its sleeve. The Mac Mini is expected to get a new model with a high-end M1X chip to complement the existing M1 model. That Mac Mini is already a superb performer, so it should give professional users another option from the Mac stable.

Elsewhere, the AirPods 3 redesign that so many expected at Apple’s September event is expected to finally make an appearance on October 18. This will likely see the entry-level AirPods get a short-stem design akin to the flagship AirPods Pro, although they probably won’t get active noise cancellation to help Apple differentiate between the models.

Apple’s October event will be the company’s second in just over a month. On September 14, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 range, new iPads, and the Apple Watch Series 7, plus updates to Apple Fitness+.

It is rare for Apple to host an event on a Monday. The last time it happened was December 2, 2019, when Apple presented its selection of the best apps of the year. This time, it is possible Apple was seeking to avoid a clash with Google’s Pixel event that is scheduled for October 19. Whatever the reality, we could see the next chapter for the Mac by this time next week.

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