Apple drops Windows 7 Boot Camp support with its latest MacBook Pro and Air

apple drops windows 7 boot camp support latest macbook pro air macpro

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will no longer support Windows 7 with Boot Camp. This news came on March 20 after MacRumors spotted the specification on Apple’s Boot Camp support document.

Windows 7 support was also dropped on the 2013 MacBook Pro. The 2014 MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and iMacs continue to support Windows 7 in Boot Camp for the time being.

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Boot Camp is Apple’s software, designed to allow operators to install Windows on their devices. Individuals who want to continue using Windows 7 on their devices can turn to third-party software, such as Parallels Desktop 10.

Apple has made a similar move in the past — it dropped Boot Camp support for Windows XP and Vista upon the release of its second-generation MacBook Air in 2010.

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Microsoft is set to begin rolling out Windows 10 this summer. Although Windows enthusiasts are still very much attached to Windows 7, the operating system debuted in 2009 – its age may have encouraged Apple to move away from continued support.

Recent builds and screenshots of Windows 10 have showed design elements that may persuade Windows 7 lovers to upgrade. Pricing for the new operating system has not been revealed, but Windows 8.1 users and above will be able to upgrade for free.

The full list of Apple’s Boot Camp-supported devices can be found on its website. Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were debuted during the company’s “Spring Forward” event.