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Updated version of Apple's video application Final Cut Pro X could be incoming

apple final cut pro x
Apple is holding an event on October 27 where the company is expected to provide a long-awaited refresh to MacOS hardware. As we head into the event, we are starting to see hints of other updates that might happen at around the same time, including some speculation that a new version of Apple’s professional video editing application Final Cut Pro X could be receiving its own update.

The information comes from a failed download, of all places, discovered by Apple Certified Trainer Richard Taylor and reported by 9to5Mac. Taylor visited Apple’s site intending to download the 30-day trial version of Final Cut Pro X and rather than kicking off a download of the public release version, 10.2.3, he received instead a dialog warning that version 10.3 could not be opened.

Apple has since put 10.2.3 back in the trial download queue, but 9to5Mac was able to confirm the 10.3 download before Apple worked their magic. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that Apple is preparing for a new Final Cut Pro X announcement to go along with its new hardware.

As 9to5Mac points out, Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3 was a major update that brought a number of key features including 4K export presets, customizable default effects, and support for iPhone 6Se. Version 10.3 of the application would also likely be a major update and would parlay well with the refreshed MacOS hardware excepted to be unveiled at the October 27 event. According to Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, additional features to arrive with Final Cut Pro X 10.3 could include improved audio mixing and interface updates.

Final Cut Pro X has not been updated since 10.2.3 was released in February and a new version is past due. While it is all speculation at this point, showing off Final Cut Pro X-customized OLED function keys would be a great way to demonstrate the benefits of a refreshed MacBook Pro.

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