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A massively redesigned iMac could launch at any moment

Apple is widely expected to introduce a redesigned iMac this year, and that launch may come sooner rather than later, according to AppleInsider. That idea comes from an innocuous-looking change on the Apple website that might signify something much larger.

The change in question is that Apple is no longer selling versions of the 1080p 21.5-inch iMac with 512GB and 1TB SSDs on its website. The models with a 256GB SSD and with a 1TB Fusion Drive are still available. AppleInsider claims this is a permanent change and not simply a stock issue, citing “long-time AppleInsider sources familiar with Apple’s supply chain.” While all 4K iMac models still have these storage options, that may not last, as the sources claim Apple has stopped producing 512GB and 1TB SSDs for the 4K iMac.

Why is that significant? Well, Apple often stops selling certain products when it is about to launch something new. Remember when the company pulled all third-party audio gear from its shelves in October 2020? One week later it unveiled the HomePod Mini. The withdrawal of rival devices was widely seen as portending the imminent unveiling of a new Apple product.

Apple is expected to host a spring event in the coming weeks, something it often does at this time of year. Based on previous years, likely dates for the show are March 22, March 23, March 29, or March 30. The new iMac may well make an appearance at this show.

A major iMac overhaul

Xhakomo Doda

This iMac development chimes with much that we already know. Apple is heavily rumored to be working on a completely redesigned iMac featuring an Apple Silicon chip, a flat back that ditches the iMac’s recognizable curved edges, a new range of colors, and thinner bezels. Those thinner bezels will reportedly increase the display size of the 21.5-inch model to either 23 or 24 inches across.

By withdrawing two configurations of the 21.5-inch iMac from sale, Apple could be clearing the way for this revamped model. The 256GB SSD and 1TB Fusion Drive versions might be kept around as affordable options at the entry-level price point.

That all means you should keep your eyes peeled in case a brand-new iMac hits the shelves in the coming days and weeks. If you are in the market for a new all-in-one computer from Apple, we have our finger on the pulse and will bring you all the latest news as it happens.

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