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Early MacBook charging cables prone to failure, Apple offers replacement

apple launches replacement program for usb type c cable tim cook new macbook 2015
If you bought a 12-inch Retina MacBook prior to June of last year, you might be eligible for a free replacement power cord thanks to Apple’s freshly launched USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program listed on its website. The Cupertino company claims that the cables included with the computer are inclined to fail “due to a design issue.”

While it’s not clear exactly where the issue stems from, the effect is that the cable may charge the MacBook inconsistently or not at all, even when properly connected. Furthermore, Apple points out that the label on the potentially faulty cables and the revised ones differ ever so slightly, as depicted in the image below.


The company notes that the free replacement cable opportunity isn’t limited solely to those that shipped with the MacBook, and that if you bought a USB-C charger as a standalone accessory, you could be eligible for a replacement as well. If you gave a valid address, either when registering your MacBook online or buying it at the Apple Online Store, you can expect to receive your cable automatically. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact Apple Support, locate an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or visit the Genius Bar at an Apple Retail Store in your area.

If you’re one of the many that was likely affected by this manufacturing fluke, you’ll have all the way until June 8, 2018 to get your cable replaced.

This is the second Replacement Program we’ve reported on from Apple in the past week. On Monday, Apple revealed that it would be willing to repair the graphics cards in its late 2013 edition of the Mac Pro. Even more alarming, on January 28, a recall was issued on both Mac and iOS AC adapters after the company discovered that the wall chargers could produce an electrical shock to the user when touched.

Maybe it’s high time Apple considered changing manufacturing partners.

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