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New MacBook Pros are available in the Apple Store, with a big price increase

MacBook Pro Pricing
Apple’s big October event just wrapped and those snazzy new MacBook Pros are already available in the online Apple Store. While the two premium editions with the Touch Bar are available for pre-order on Thursday, they will not ship until November.

So what is new? The new MacBook Pro lineup features an across-the-board external and internal refresh, ditching the iconic MacBook Pro design in favor of something a little sleeker, a little more streamlined. All three new notebooks are missing the glowing plastic Apple logo, and instead feature a glossy, metal engraving on the back of the screen. It is a premium look at a premium price.

The entry-level MacBook Pro — without the Touch Bar — starts at $1,500, while the 13-inch with Touch Bar starts at $1,800, and the high-end 15-inch starts at $2,400. That is a pretty hefty price increase from the previous MacBook Pro options, which were $1,300 and $1,800, respectively.

All three are currently on the Apple Store, so their specs and features are all laid bare for your perusal. The 13-inch MacBook Pro, without the fancy Touch Bar, is meant to replace the 13-inch MacBook Air and is reportedly smaller, thinner, and lighter than it.

The internal hardware also received a refresh, with Apple rolling out sixth-generation Skylake processors to the entire lineup, along with some expanded internal storage and RAM offerings. All three can be upgraded up to suit your needs, but given their introductory prices, you might be thinking twice about adding a little extra RAM.

The three MacBook Pros share some common features, including a much bigger trackpad, which Apple claims is a new-and-improved version of the previous Force Touch trackpad, offering up a more responsive experience. The keyboard also got a refresh, with new butterfly switches for a better typing experience and a greater sense of key travel.

The entry-level 13-inch starts shipping on Thursday, while the other two will ship in about two to three weeks.

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