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The most expensive Apple Pro Display XDR needs a special cleaning cloth

After many, many months of waiting, Apple has finally launched the brand-new Mac Pro and its accompanying Pro Display XDR monitor. If you opt for the top-end screen with the “nano-texture glass” coating ($1,000 extra), you’d better be careful — it can only be cleaned with a special Apple-provided cloth.

On a support page on the company’s website, Apple says that you mustn’t add water or other cleaning liquids to remove dust and smudges from the screen. As well as that, you can’t simply use a different cloth you’ve got lying around, as only Apple’s version will do.

It’s not clear exactly what it is about Apple’s own cloth that makes it a cut above your average rag, but no doubt it underwent rigorous Jony Ive-related testing before being approved. Presumably, it’s coated in tiny microscopic Apple logos to carefully scrub the monitor clean.

mac pro
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Fortunately, Apple provides its special cloth in the box if you order the nano-texture glass version of the Pro Display XDR. But if you lose the cloth, you can’t just head over to your local Apple Store and pick up a replacement — you have to contact Apple directly to be sent a new one. There’s no word yet on how much that might cost.

Apple also provides handy advice on washing its cleaning cloth: Hand wash it with soap and water, rinse thoroughly, then allow it to air dry for at least 24 hours. Absolutely no machine washing allowed.

Apple’s advice to avoid using liquids to clean the display is more understandable, however. If the monitor comes with a special coating, the likelihood is that using water or other liquids on it could damage it. When you’re spending almost $6,000 on the special version of the Pro Display XDR, following Apple’s cleaning advice is probably a good idea.

If you bought the regular version of the Pro Display XDR, you’ll have no such worries, as you can polish that up with a normal micro-fiber cloth and a drop of water. Just make sure you avoid cleaners containing acetone, and don’t spray them directly onto the monitor.

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