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Apple shares new Vision Pro ad just days before launch

Hello Apple Vision Pro

Apple has dropped a new Vision Pro ad just a few days before the launch of the new device. You can watch it above.

The 70-second ad, posted on Apple’s YouTube channel on Sunday, has Supertramp’s 1974 hit Dreamer as the soundtrack and shows the $3,499 mixed-reality headset being used in a variety of settings. It kicks off with a guy in his house using the device to apparently catch up on some work, with the sequence focusing heavily on how hand gestures can be used to control the Vision Pro, though commands can also be communicated via voice and eye movements. The same guy is later seen switching from work to playing with his daughter, with a digital representation of his eyes appearing on the Vision Pro’s outer display so that eye contact can be had without removing the device. It’s a feature unique among such headsets, though some people have found it a bit creepy.

We see another guy at home wearing the Vision Pro to watch a movie and using a pinch gesture to increase the size of the virtual cinema screen, and a woman using it to hold a FaceTime call with a friend. It also shows an airplane passenger with the device strapped to her head as she watches a movie during a flight.

The ad includes the tagline, “Hello Apple Vision Pro.”

The Vision Pro headset is Apple’s most significant product launch since the Apple Watch smartwatch in 2015. For the tech giant, there’s a lot riding on the device, though the $3,499 asking price is likely to be prohibitive for many.

A lot of people have been asking about the kind of apps that will be available with the brand-new device at launch. On that front, here’s everything you need to know.

The Vision Pro arrives first in the U.S. and will start landing in customers’ hands on Friday, February 2. Other countries are expected to follow soon.

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