Belkin Advance N900 DB router is a friend to online gamers

Expect to see plenty more announcements like this as the week of CES coverage kicks into high gear. Even as the Digital Trends team makes its way to Las Vegas, Belkin is stepping up today with the reveal of a new wireless router, the Advance N900 DB. It’s a dual-band N+ router that uses Belkin’s Multibeam technology to support speeds of up to 900 Mbps. That’s not the only reason why you’re looking at a $199.99 asking price, however.

IntelliStream QoS is one of the big features, allowing the router to automatically prioritize video and gaming streams to ensure as lag-free an experience as possible. Also helping matters is a built-in 600MHz multi-thread processor to manage high-bandwidth multitasking. In addition, the N900 sports a pair of USB 2.0 ports meant for network printer and storage connections.

Is all of that worth the steep asking price? You’ll have to wait for some on-the-ground CES reports if you want to know more. Belkin unveiled the N900 today, and it will be on display all week at CES.

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