Best Linux Software: Our favorites for any desktop environment


Making a list of the best Linux software is a tough task. Hell, you could fill an entire book just by listing the various distros and desktop environments, let alone making a list of the best software for each one. So while this is by no means a comprehensive list, we did our best to include a wide variety of programs that the average user will find helpful. Below, you’ll find a hodgepodge of different software – mostly stuff for KDE and GNOME, but also a good number of programs that work in any desktop environment. So no matter what flavor of Linux you prefer, there’s something here for everyone.


Best Linux Software: Security

AVG: A powerful antivirus suite that regularly makes our “best of” lists for it’s ease of use, advanced features, and nonexistent pricetag. 

Avast: A similar level of protection to AVG but with a few more features and a slightly more complicated interface. Choosing an antivirus program is largely dependent on your own personal preferences, but for what it’s worth, this one is our favorite.

Firestarter: An open-source graphical firewall for Linux that combines powerful protection against network-based attacks, but with a clean and simple interface.  

Crashplan: Available for a variety of different flavors of Linux, Crashplan is a free backup solution that’s lightweight and easy to set up.

GUFW: Much like Firestarter, GUFW provides a graphical user interface to the UFW, which is otherwise controlled using command-line prompts.


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