Get the most out of your rig with the best PC gaming accessories money can buy

Best PC gaming accessories

So, you have a lightning-quick gaming rig all set up and ready to go. Through its tempered glass side panel, the internal components are awash in the neon glow from your LED-lit fans, RAM, and motherboard. Plugging your old keyboard and mouse into it would seem like an affront to your PC’s raw unbridled power. It would be an unacceptable breach of etiquette — or worse, disrespect. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve assembled a list of the best PC gaming accessories money can buy.

Each one was hand-selected to complement your gaming rig, to bring out the best in those cutting-edge internals, and elevate your gaming experience. Let’s get started.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard ($95)

logitech g pro keyboard

That old store-brand keyboard, faded and filled with years and years worth of crumbs, just won’t do. You need something tactile, quick, stylish. Something that will respond to each and every keystroke with a satisfying mechanical click, a keyboard fine-tuned like a musical instrument.

You need the Logitech G Pro. It’s a professional-grade gaming keyboard with fully customizable per-key RGB illumination, and one very important quality — it has 26-key rollover. That means you can press every single alphabetical key on the keyboard at the exact same time, and they would all register without delay — here’s a quick explainer on ‘ghosting’ and how it hurts your gaming experience.

Some lesser keyboards stumble when you try to use multi-key combinations — but that won’t do for the best PC gaming accessories. For instance, moving left and forward, while sprinting, jumping, and hitting Q to fire off an ability all at once. This would be a problem for some keyboards, those poor unfortunates destined for a lifetime of office work. Not for the Logitech G Pro. Read our full review here.

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Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse ($100)

Razer Mamba 2015
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The humble mouse is easy to overlook. After all, what’s the real difference between the cheap plastic husk sitting on your desk, and a custom-weighted precision instrument with carefully tensioned buttons and an ergonomic design that will fit you like a glove? As you might have guessed, gaming mice are a breed apart from their domestic cousins.

To make your enemies into mincemeat, to feel truly connected to the worlds you’ll explore, you need a real gaming mouse. Something like the Razer Mamba. It’s expensive for a mouse, at $150. But once you feel it, once you use it for the first time, you’ll know you made a sound decision. The Mamba glides across nearly any surface, its 16,000 DPI sensor reading every nuance of the surface as it goes.

The buttons offer custom-tensioning, so you can tune them to respond like a hair trigger, or to really require some weight behind each and every click. Additionally, it features two customizable buttons which rest just under your right thumb, in addition to the typical left and right mouse buttons. And it features Razer’s signature Chroma lighting, so it’s capable of a wide variety of visual effects, whether it’s in wired or wireless mode. Read our review here.

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Steelseries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset ($150)

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A gaming desktop is a device engineered to delight your optic nerves, rendering richly detailed worlds with startling fidelity. But there’s more to these worlds than what we see. Surrounding yourself in a vivid soundscape brings another level of immersion to PC gaming, plus you’ll need a good comfy headset to yell at your Overwatch teammates when they just won’t stay on the point. 

The Arctis 7 offers 7.1 DTS surround sound, wired or wireless use, and it’s built for long-term wear. Seriously, these things are extremely comfortable even during intense gaming. Read our review here.

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HTC Vive VR Headset ($599)

htc vive hardware bundles box set hero
HTC Vive Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends

There is no greater PC gaming accessory than saturating your senses with a reality beyond this one. To enter the digital realms though, one must be equipped, prepared. For this you will need a stout heart, an iron will, and an HTC Vive.

And about $800. If that’s a threshold you don’t mind crossing, the HTC Vive is the best way to enjoy virtual reality on the PC. The Oculus Rift recently came down in price — it’s available for $400 — but it still doesn’t offer as good of a room-scale experiences which make the Vive such an attractive device.

Set up the included lighthouses, connect the cables to your PC, don the Vive proper, and try to keep your footing as you’re shorn from our base reality of crude matter and transported into the virtual realms eternalRead our review here.

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Xbox One Wireless Controller ($60)

microsoft xbox one recon tech special edition wireless controller 06808
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PC gaming doesn’t often mix well with gamepads; they’re not as precise as a mouse and keyboard setup, but there are games out there for which the best tool for the job is a plain old controller. In those instances, it’s important to have one of the best engineered gamepads on the market, rather than some off-brand with bizarre compatibility issues.

That’s why it’s never a bad idea to have an Xbox One controller handy. The new version, exemplified by the Xbox One Recon Tech Special, can connect to your PC via a wired connection or over Bluetooth. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods of time, and the soft tension behind the triggers offer just enough resistance so you can really make use of their pressure sensitivity. Read our full review here.

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