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Best Windows Vista Gadgets

vista-gadgetsStill running on Vista and tired of all your Windows 7 upgraded friends thinking they’re cooler than you? Download some of these free Windows Vista gadgets and give your sidebar something to brag about. We narrowed down some of the top-rated and coolest Windows Vista Gadgets. To download these gadget check out the Windows Live Gallery.

DriveInfo Gadget

The DriveInfo gadget monitors the free space available in your hard drive, and displays it in GB and a percentage. The DriveInfo gadget can save you a lot of time if your frequently check up on the free space in your hard drives.

XM Online Radio

This easy to use gadget accesses Sirius XM Online Radio and includes automatic searching of artist, mp3, video, product, and album from sites like Amazon, EBay, and YouTube. And if you like to sing along to the songs, this gadget also provides a lyric search feature.

Speed Test

With Speed Test you can monitor CPU (over 8 cores) and RAM usage by itself and it has the ability to test maximum bandwidth speed (Internet Speed Test), your own website download speed, response time and errors, hard drive space and activity, WIFI Signal strength, upload and download data transfers and so much more.

margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget

This gadget takes system monitoring seriously. The margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget can track system uptime, CPU and RAM use, wireless network strength and the battery level.

iPhone Battery Gadget

This cool little gadget mimics the iPhone’s battery level indicator and according to users, this gadget looks great on a desktop. This gadget helps you keep track of your laptop’s available power.

Auction SideBar Tool

The Auction Sidebar Tool is an extremely popular gadget that is  designed to make managing your eBay account hassle-free. Its color coded view system enables quick identification of winning or losing bids and this convenient gadget is in synchronized real-time with eBay.

SidePlayer Music Search Gadget

SidePlayer will search and play over 2 million songs and audio tracks. This gadget will play music right on your desktop without launching any browsers. All the music for SidePlayer is supplied for free by various music providers.

All Search Gadget

The All Search Gadget allows you to search 10 different search engines = Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, Dictionary, Weather, Bing and News.

CPU Meter Gadget

This gadget displays two dials: one that tracks your system’s CPU usage, and another that tracks and shows your physical memory usage.


WeatherBug provides live weather conditions for anywhere in the world on your Sidebar and supplies detailed forecasts, radar, weather cameras, and severe weather alerts from any of WeatherBug’s 8,000 Tracking Stations.

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