Color saturation boost coming in new iMac lineup

color saturation imac lineup apple with retina  5k photo
Each successive generation of hardware in any line of technology is likely to receive its fair share of upgrades, and the same is clearly taking place with Apple’s new line of iMacs due out later this year. While they will likely come with faster processors, they’re also getting improved displays, which according to one analyst will give them much better color saturation than they had in the last generation.

It has not been confirmed that these improvements to the display quality will be thanks to Retina options available to the new iMacs. Regardless, Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI Securities, is adament that they will be much improved over their older variants.

“We believe Apple will introduce new iMac models in 3Q15, which are expected to have key selling points such as more powerful processors and much better display quality. We predict the panel will use an LED phosphor material called KSF to notably boost color saturation,” Kuo said (via MacRumors).

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Although pricing and release information haven’t been unveiled for the new iMacs yet, the fact that the back-to-school season is approaching, with the holiday season to follow, suggests that Apple will make a big play to have these ready within the next month or so.

We do know that Apple is likely to use new Broadwell and potentially Skylake CPUs in the new systems, which should help keep the iMacs’ performance at a contemporary level. However, judging by comments from end users, the most requested features are SSDs in replacement of the traditional hard drives, and Nvidia graphics cards over AMD solutions.

If you were to buy one of the new iMacs when released, what are some of the features that you would like to see, outside of an improved display color saturation?

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