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Corsair’s SF450 and SF600 PSUs to make your small form factor PC run silently

corsair sf450 sf600 power supply sf 450
With small form factor PCs on the rise, it should come as no surprise that one of the industry’s leading proponents, Corsair, would be unleashing onto the market its first-ever lineup of SFX form factor PSUs.

Despite being compact, both the 600W SF600 and 450W SF450 claim to be immensely efficient, boasting 80 Plus Gold certification. Likewise, according to Corsair itself, they also use 100 percent 105C rated Japanese capacitors.

Though fitting colossal-sized components into a cramped SFF enclosure may seem like an impossible feat, Corsair relieves some of that stress by making its latest PSUs fully modular. As a result, the installation process isn’t nearly as much of a chore as it would be otherwise.

Any SF450 purchase will entitle you to an ATX connector, EPS connector, four 4-pin peripheral connectors, a pair of PCI-E connectors, and four SATA connectors. You can expect it to exhibit a maximum of 37.5A over a +12V rail.

While the specs on the two models are largely the same, it’s worth noting that the bulkier SF600 model bears only a single 4-pin peripheral connector rather than the four advertised on the SF450. Nonetheless, everything else on the two models is exactly alike.

Like the SF450, the SF600 also takes advantage of a single +12V rail design, but also exhibits up to 50A for more power intensive components.

Nevertheless, both the SF450 and SF600 make use of Corsair’s “Zero RPM Fan Mode,” meaning the cooling fan is only enabled when the power unit demands it. As a result, they’re supposed to run completely silent at both low and medium loads.

You can pick up the SF450 and SF600, starting now, for $90 and $120, respectively. For anyone seeking the flexibility of a modular, small form factor PSU with the serenity of a virtually mute cooling system, either unit seems like a solid buy.

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