Cougar announces affordable 230M and 250M gaming mice


Claiming professional-gaming level quality for a budget price, Cougar has announced two new gaming mice called the 230M and the 250M. While Cougar already announced two flagship models earlier this month, this hardware is targeted at consumers that likely want to gain an edge in multiplayer gaming without spending a fortune on a mouse. The 230M model will retail for $19.99 and the 250M will retail for $29.99.

Regarding the specs on the two models, both mice have a 1ms response rate, a 1,000 Hz polling rate, anti-slip flanks to stabilize the grip and switches that guarantee a minimum of five million clicks. When it comes to the build quality, both mice include a 6-foot braided USB cable for increased durability and a back-lit scroll wheel that’s ideal when using a computer at night.

The core difference between the two models is how you can adjust the DPI sensors. The 230M includes four preset DPI modes (400/800/1,600/3,200) while the 250M has a broader range of DPI modes (500/1000/1,250/1,750/2,000/4,000) to choose from as well as a higher possible DPI setting (4,000 DPI versus 3,200 DPI).

Another difference in the 250M is the adjustable color spectrum for the back-lit wheel, specifically linked to button configurations on the mouse (up to 3 configurations saved in memory). There are also two additional thumb paddle buttons on the left and right side of the 250M.

Both mice are currently available at technology retailers like Newegg, but at a price that’s inflated over the actual MSRP. It’s likely that these two models will eventually be carried on Amazon as the online retailer carries other Cougar models like the 600M and 700M.