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Don’t forget: Cyber Monday is the best time to buy a new SSD

There’s one thing every PC can use more of: Storage. And this Cyber Monday, some of the best SSDs on the market on down to their lowest prices ever. Between games, apps, and the onslaught of images I download for articles, I fill up hard drives constantly, and I always wait for Cyber Monday to refill.

You can pick up a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro for my PC. This is Samsung’s flagship NVMe SSD, with support for PCIe 4.0 and a read speed of up to 7,000 MB/s. Or you can get a new 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus, which also happens to be on sale. For the 980 Pro, you’ve looking at a sizeable 26% discount, bringing the 980 Pro down to its lowest price ever.

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD.

That’s true of nearly all Samsung drives. The 980 Pro is down to its lowest price ever for all capacities, and the older 970 Evo Plus is down to its lowest price, too. Samsung isn’t the only one, either. The WD_Black SN850 is cheaper than it has ever been, with a massive $65 off its normal asking price.

If you browse Amazon, you’ll find a few dozen other SSDs also on sale, but I recommend sticking with the Samsung or WD drives. When it comes to fastest, most reliable NVMe storage, Samsung is the best option. This writer has used Samsung drives for years across dozens of builds, and I’ve never had any issues. WD’s new Black SSDs are making a name for themselves, too, so consider the SN850 as a solid alternative.

Don’t want an internal SSD? You can pick up an external one on sale this Cyber Monday. The Samsung T5 is the best external hard drive you can buy, and it’s down to its lowest price ever. Frankly, I don’t know how I could function without my Samsung T5. It’s a compact external SSD that’s super fast, and I use mine on a daily basis.

Even if you swap computers fairly often,a Samsung T5 can travel with you everywhere. You can use it to store a sizeable chunk of your games library, along with the movies and music you’ve built up over the years.

It’s easy to forget about picking up some extra storage for your PC. Cyber Monday is the best time to do it, and with the deals we’re seeing this year, there isn’t a better time to add another SSD to your PC.

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