Dabble in 3D for free with Reallusion iClone4

Just when amateur filmmakers thought they finally had the HD hardware to compete with the big guys, along comes 3D to make everything consumer-grade look old again. Until somebody figures out how to tape together two Flip cams and shoot 3D, you’re looking at a nice chunk of change to upgrade.

Not quite ready to pony up $21,000 for the world’s first 3D camcorder, but still want to dabble in the extra dimension in your movies? Just do it virtually with iClone 4.

Like the 3D animation software Taiwanese news stations use to recreate everything from Tiger Woods getting beat with a golf club to Snooki hitting Barack Obama with a beer bottle, iClone4 lets you create 3D cinema using virtual characters… with a twist. Rather than just outputting your creations to YouTube for chuckles, you can actually render it in true stereoscopic 3D and view your 3D film, in true 3D, on any of the deluge of 3D TVs coming out these days.

And we thought Microsoft 3D Movie Maker was fun back in ’95.

At $80 for the standard version, iClone4 is a heck of a lot cheaper than a 3D camcorder, and we doubt you could capture Snooki hitting the president with a beer bottle in real life, anyway. But if your wallet’s still hurting from the 3D TV purchase, we understand, so we’re giving a copy away of the $200 Pro version.

Want in? Just send us your name, e-mail (no spam, we promise) and your best idea for a 3D movie below. We’ll nix this post when we pick a winner, so if you can read this, you can still enter!

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