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3D TV is officially dead, but a band of fanatics won’t let go

Manufacturers seem to be finally phasing out 3D after years of letting it struggle for any kind of relevance. Fans of the technology are protesting the decision, but it might be time to let it go.
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InAiR TV brings augmented reality-like experience to TV, and you’re the remote control

SeeSpace's new InAiR TV plug-in device is like Minority Report in your living room, grabbing content from the Internet to augment what you're watching on the big screen, which you can control through gestures.
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InAiR augments your TV with live layers of Web content and Minority Report-style manipulation

SeeSpace is developing a simple plug-and-play device that creates a "Minority Report"-like experience in your living room, even without a truly 3D-compatible TV. Assuming the InAiR is connected to wifi, it automatically pulls up a wealth of…
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3D TV autopsy: Did it finally die, or was it never alive to begin with?

If you were shopping for a TV three years ago, you were probably bombarded with talk of how 3D was the “next big thing." But it's now just a footnote that barely measures up to smart TV features and the looming 4K Ultra HD TVs. So why…
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TV Buying Guide: How To Buy A TV

Wondering what to look for when buying a TV? Digital Trends’ updated 2013 TV buying guide covers everything from choosing between LCD and plasma to the latest 3D and smart TV technologies.
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Dolby, Philips and James Cameron to partner for better glasses-free 3D

Dolby, Philips and James Cameron’s Cameron | PACE Group (CPG) announced today that they will collaborate on using the Dolby 3D format, and begin integrating it into CPG’s content production in an effort to improve glasses-free 3D…
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Disney signs 3D Video on Demand agreement

Later this month, the Wonderful World of Disney is going to be made available in a whole new way for home viewers, as the Walt Disney Company has signed a partnership agreement to make its 3D movies available for video-on-demand viewing -…
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Hisense unveils new 4K, 3D, and Google TVs

China's Hisense continues treading into the US market with a slew of new, budget-friendly TV's, including 4K, 3D, and Google TV models, plus some kind of transparent 3D business we've not heard of before.
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Holiday TV sales: Why October is the best month to buy

A recent report suggests that October is the prime time to buy that new TV. Check out our guide to the best TVs out there - and snag yourself a good deal.
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Polaroid expands its brand to a slew of home entertainment gadgets

If the phrase "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" already lost its context in this modern age, prepare to be even more confused with a new range of Polaroid-branded consumer electronics.
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LG’s 2012 TV lineup includes 55-inch OLED, Google TV, gesture control

At the opening of CES 2012, LG has unveiled its 55-inch OLED TV, highlighted Smart TV advancements and glossed over a Google TV partnership and its 84-inch 4K TV.

How to make 3D televisions play 3D

Learn how to get your 3D television to display 3D images, movies and shows.
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BBC planning to broadcast 2012 Olympics in 3D and super hi-vision

The BBC is considering broadcasting some events at next year's London Olympics using 3D and super hi-vision technology, said to be 16 times better than HDTV.

Gears of War 3 will be viewable in stereoscopic 3D

Epic Games Rod Fergusson, executive producer on Gears of War 3, confirms that the September release will include a display mode for stereoscopic 3D TVs.
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Sony tired of losing money on TVs, plots revamp

Sony wants to change how it produces TVs in order to end its eight straight years of losing money on selling TVs.
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Sony 3D Experience brings free 3D content to Bravia owners

For those that purchased a 3D television immediately and were disappointed in the lack of 3D content, Sony has a small peace offering for 3D fanatics.
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Finally: How to claim your free Samsung 3D glasses

Been waiting patiently with your Samsung 3D TV and the company's promise to gift you two pairs of accompanying glasses? Wait no more.
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Samsung tries new bonus content scheme to sell 3D TVs

Is your 3D TV interest on the fence? Samsung wants to you throw you over to their side with additional content available to 3D TV set owners.