LG joining Vizio, will unveil 3D TV with passive glasses at CES

LG-BRINGS-3D-THEATER-TO-CES-2011-WITH-CINEMA-3D-TV500We recently reported that Vizio would be releasing a 3D TV that used passive glasses, but it looks like there will be some competition. LG announced similar plans today to unveil a 3D TV that also pairs with the light-weight, battery-free passive glasses that will premiere at CES next week.

LG’s LW6500 is a Smart TV that features LED Plus, HDMI 1.4, comes complete with access to LG’s app store. LG has yet to release any information on display size, but it’s safe to say it won’t be as large as the 72-inch LZ9700 3D TV it’s also debuting at CES. Don’t get too excited though, this specific product does not mention the use of passive glasses.

But, fortunately, the LW6500 does. Aside from Vizio’s forthcoming TV, the majority of 3D TVs are dependent on active-shutter glasses. These devices have been the bane of the struggling 3D TV market, as consumers just can’t jump on board with the heavy, dark, and expensive units.

LG claims that the LW6500 will feature glasses that are “flicker-free” and more ably prevent eye fatigue than active glasses. Like Vizio’s, they will be sleeker and won’t require charging or batteries. LG is expected to show off a host of the LW6500’s capabilities, and we’ll be sure to report how it stacks up to the Vizio model’s reported specs.

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