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LG’s 42-inch LX3 OLED TV can bend when you want it to

Is it a TV? Is it a gaming monitor? Something different altogether? The answer is “Yes,” when it comes to the newly announced LG OLED Flex (aka the LX3, if you’re the sort who cares about model numbers) — a 42-inch OLED screen that can be viewed flat, like a traditional television, or curved, a la a newfangled gaming monitor.

The bend can hit a maximum of 900R (that’s a measurement of how much things bend in terms of the radius in millimeters), which means it’s likely a little less than the curvature of gaming monitors you’ve already seen, but definitely way more than any television you’ve got in your home currently.

Other specs of note include a 0.1 millisecond response time, and LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, and support for Dolby Vision.

But it’s the bendy part that’s definitely going to turn heads. That works a couple of ways. There’s a remote control that has two preset buttons — or you can manually change the curvature in 5% increments over 20 levels. The LX3 also has a height-adjustable stand with 14 centimeters of travel, or about five and a half inches, and can tilt between 10 degrees away or 5 degrees toward.

LG OLED Flex LX3 curved television.

The flexible part isn’t the only thing LG has on deck for gamers. You can use the full 42 inches of the display, if you want, or scale things down to 32 or 27 inches to keep everything within view. And there’s a new game app, too, which is exclusive to the LX3. It’s got custom screensavers, and has shortcuts to YouTube and Twitch, as well as an audio equalizer for the integrated 40W speakers. There’s also a Multi View mode, which lets you display content from two sources at once, choosing which one controls the audio.

The LX3 also has a built-in microphone, USB ports for headsets, keyboards, a mouse or other peripheral, and everything connects via HDMI.

Still need more? There’s also customizable lighting tucked into the back of the LX3, so you won’t have to go LED shopping on Amazon.

The one thing we don’t have any info on yet is pricing and availability, so stay tuned for that.

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