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LG’s 2022 OLED televisions start shipping this spring

LG today announced pricing and availability for its 2022 line of OLED televisions. That includes four series of 4K sets (we’ve got info for three of them, anyway), as well two 8K models.

The launches are staggered a bit, and there are plenty of indecipherable model names (they really reelect the size and series) tucked into each group. Here’s how everything breaks down:

LG G2 ‘Gallery Edition’

This is the top of the 2022 LG OLED line, and also one half of the “EVO” variety — which ramps up the brightness more than the 2021 models — and the pricing reflects that. They’ll come with LG’s Gallery Series wall mounts in the box, but there’s an improved stand system available separately if wall-mounting just isn’t your thing. Also be on the lookout for thinner bezels, a slimmer profile, less weight, and improved packaging.

Sizes range from 55 to a whopping 97 inches, and unfortunately, we still don’t yet have the details on that 97-inch beast of a TV.

  • 97 inches (OLED97G2PUA): Pricing and availability TBA
  • 83 inches (OLED83G2PUA): $6,500, available April 2022
  • 77 inches (OLED77G2PUA): $4,000, available March 2022
  • 65 inches (OLED65G2PUA): $3,000, available March 2022
  • 55 inches (OLED55G2PUA): $2,200, available April 2022

LG C2 Series

The best-selling C2 range runs from 42 inches to 83 inches and also is part of the “EVO” lineup. It’s still not light on the wallet, but you get an excellent television by just about any measure. Look for the 42-incher to be a favorite among gamers, thanks to full-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 ports, 4K resolution at 120Hz, and support for Nvidia G-Sync and Freesync Premium.

  • 83 inches (OLED83C2PUA): $5,500, available April 2022
  • 77 inches (OLED77C1PUA): $3,500, available March 2022
  • 65 inches (OLED65C2PUA): $2,500, available March 2022
  • 55 inches (OLED55C2PUA): $1,800, available March 2022
  • 48 inches (OLED48C2PUA): $1,500, available March 2022
  • 42 inches (OLED42C2PUA): $1,400, available May 2022

LG B2 Series

Three sets here. They don’t tend to get the headlines that the Gallery Editions and C2 series get, but they’re still solid TVs in their own rights.

  • 77 inches (OLED77B2PUA): $3,300, available March 2022
  • 65 inches (OLED65B2PUA): $2,000, available March 2022
  • 55 inches (OLED55B2PUA): $1,500, available March 2022

LG A2 Series

LG hasn’t yet released pricing or availability for these two models, but we’ll update once it does.

  • 65 inches (OLED65A2PUA): TBA
  • 55 inches (OLED55A2PUA): TBA

2022 LG OLED 8K models

LG has two models of 8K televisions coming in 2022. Whether you actually need to worry about 8K just yet remains up for debate. On the other hand, if you can actually afford an 8K OLED television, you probably don’t care that there’s not really any native 8K content out there — at least not in the traditional sense of movies and television, anyway. It’s great for showing off, though.

  • 88 inches (OLED88Z2PUA): $25,000, available April 2022
  • 77 inches (OLED778Z2PUA): $13,000, available April 2022

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