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Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Rob is President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group, a forward-looking emerging technology advisory firm. Before founding the Enderle Group in 2003, Rob was the Senior Research Fellow for Forrester Research and the Giga Information Group. He holds an AA in Merchandising, a BS in Business, and an MBA. He sits on the advisory councils for Lenovo, Toshiba, AMD, HP, Dell, the Trusted Computing Group, and the Lifeboat Foundation. Rob’s hobbies include sporting clays, PC modding, science fiction, home automation, and computer gaming.

Qualcomm Toq

Smartwatches are going to make smartphone screens obsolete

roomba vs neato robots battle to clean my home roombo robot vacuum wars

Roomba vs. Neato: Robots Battle To Clean My Home

iwatch no thanks i want to ditch my key fob for a smartwatch that goes vroom feature

iWatch? No thanks, I want to ditch my key fob for a smartwatch that goes vroom

you are what they think ballmers legacy is a lesson in image management steve ballmer steps down microsoft ceo

You are what they think you are: Ballmer’s legacy is a lesson in image management

How Qualcomm’s Snapdragon gave the Nokia 1020 its fire-breathing camera

no magic apple cupertinos identity crisis in the fading afterglow of jobs steve

No magic, no Apple: Cupertino’s identity crisis in the fading afterglow of Jobs

forget the germans tesla should be more worried about cheap chinese clones dsc 5609 1920x1200

Forget the Germans, Tesla should be more worried about cheap Chinese clones


Imagining the perfect electric sports car

screw practicality why i picked a fire breathing jag over whisper quiet tesla s jaguar f type enderle

Screw practicality! Why I picked a fire-breathing Jag over a whisper-quiet Tesla S

Why I bought a Jaguar F-Type, rather than a Tesla S: Look for me on the freeway: roaring engine, top down, and often screaming like a little girl.
10 plug in electric vehicles you can buy today tesla roadster 2

What’s next for the electric car? Wireless power, lithium-air batteries and more

Zynga leaders

With former Xbox brass aboard, will Zynga try to hatch a low-cost console?


The key to a happy marriage is also the key to a new Jaguar F-Type

Tesla Model S Performance header

Why I’m not buying a Tesla S after living with one for a weekend

comcast cable broken remote

Whoops! How AMD (inadvertently) prepared Intel to crush cable companies

after a hard lesson relearned microsoft is finally uncrippling windows rt ibm pc jr

After a hard lesson relearned, Microsoft is finally uncrippling Windows RT

Apple iGlasses

What would Apple’s take on Google Glass look like?

microsoft xbox one announcement

After a decade of hardware duds, Microsoft gets it right with the Xbox One

Blackberry QNX Car Entertainment and Telematics

Connected cars are the next mobile frontier, and BlackBerry has a head start

fisker floundering header

Will Fisker’s floundering leave early Karma buyers running on empty?

Our wireless future will bring breakneck speeds and tablet-powered homes

The ‘Phablet’ isn’t a ‘Phad’ or a Phase – massive phones are coming

what makes a phone cool anyway rob enderle

What makes a phone “cool,” anyway?

How Apple losts its cool

How Apple lost its cool (and how it can win it back)

Google Glass

Say ‘mortified!’ Google Glass will turn strangers into your personal paparazzi

AMD and Nvidia lock horns on a race to the cloud

How life-like CGI will revolutionize more than movies

What happens when we can whip up movie-grade CGI in real time?

google glass shoes and the horror of living in a world vlcsnap 2013 03 15 14h29m28s212

Google Glass, Google Shoes, and the horror of living in a Google World

Could the new Oz movie do for 3D cinema what the original did for color?


Speed isn’t everything: Convenient new features coming to your next smartphone

fisker karma tesla model s

Mismatched motors: Tesla and Fisker both built the wrong cars for their tech

Will Tesla’s media war make the Model S the next Corvair?

Technology is watching my every step, and I love it

Technology is watching my every step, and I love it

BlackBerry’s new killer feature Battery freedom

BlackBerry’s new killer feature? Battery freedom

Future PCS

The PC isn’t ready to die, it’s ready for a rebirth