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A transplant from the west coast of Scotland to the west coast of America, Graeme is a freelance writer with a taste for pop culture and technological trends. In addition to Digital Trends, you can find his work on and

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Earth’s one remaining exoplanet spacecraft is officially done for

COROT, the French Space Agency's planet-seeking spacecraft, has been officially sent to the metaphorical woodshed more than six months after it stopped working, leaving the future of exoplanetary research to be handled by those on the…
Social Media

Alec Baldwin hatequits Twitter in spectacular fashion

The Twitter career of Alec Baldwin is apparently over (again) after the actor went on a tear against a journalist, calling him a "toxic little queen" and threatening to "straighten [him] out."
Emerging Tech

Can robot soccer players generate interest in the sport for Americans?

If anything will help make soccer happen in the United States, then surely it's the RoboCup soccer tournament currently underway in the Netherlands, in which multiple teams of robots compete for the right to one day overthrow humanity. Kind…
Emerging Tech

Poppy adds another dimension to your iPhone’s camera

Who wants something that could turn your iPhone into a 3D camera? It turns out that, unsurprisingly, the answer is "a lot of people," after a Kickstarter project reached its $40,000 goal in just nine hours.

Appeals court approves $675,000 fine for student who illegally downloaded 30 songs

After more than five years in the courts, two appeals, and an unsuccessful attempt to take the case to the Supreme Court, Joel Tenenbaum will have to pay $22,500 for every song he illegally downloaded a decade ago.
Emerging Tech

Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally printing a gun

As 3D printing becomes more available and the possibilities continue to veer on the controversial side, one company has developed a software to detect when the design resembles too closely to a firearm.