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This time, ‘Angry Birds’ are Going in a new direction

angrybirdsFor even the most eager fans of Rovio’s successful game franchise, there’s a limit to just how far one can take Angry Birds. After five editions such as (deep breath) Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Friends (not including the many browser versions, animated series, and movie spin-offs, of course), you’d think we would all have enough of tossing bird balls around at structures and pigs.

That sort of thinking would, of course, be so entirely wrong. According to a new blog post on Rovio’s website, the franchise is not backing down from its momentum and is instead launching something called Angry Birds Go!. “Those birds and piggies are getting ready for their most thrilling and action-packed game yet!” reads the post, which also promises that “all your favorite characters are returning for a brand new title that will bring you closer to Piggy Island than ever before. It’s Angry Birds, but not as you know it!”

That last sentence tease is backed up by a video linked from the blog post, which shows the traditional launching of a bird from the catapult, but from an entirely new angle. Rather than the traditional third person view, players are positioned right behind the catapult itself. For a second, it appears as if you’re seeing everything from the point of view of one of the birds themselves, but as soon as the shot is fired, said bird is flung off into the distance. The environment is different as well, suggesting that this time, the birds are shooting across the ground, instead of through the air, as they speed towards their intended target.

It makes sense from a business standpoint for Rovio to try and revamp the Angry Birds gaming experience. As the company’s best known product, Angry Birds needs to stay vital to its core audience even as it adds even more spin-off ancillary material to appeal to those who don’t play the games. Whether Angry Birds Go! – and whatever gameplay changes are to come – will end up being the new refresh for the series or an unwelcome change for fans remains to be seen. Just be glad it’s not another iteration of yet another Angry Birds realm. Who do these birds think they are, the Mario Bros.?

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