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How to watch Ninja’s New Year’s Eve stream: time, special guests, more

As the new year draws closer, more and more big events are planned to ring in 2024. Not to be left out, Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, is holding an “Ninja NYE” event aimed specifically at his gaming audience. There’s already a star-studded cast of collaborators and sponsors lined up, and tons of ways to engage with the popular personalities as you watch along. If you want to be part of Ninja’s inaugural NYE, here is how you can watch across a variety of platforms.

How to watch the Ninja NYE event

The Ninja NYE special is set to begin at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on December 31 and will run until the new year begins, if not longer. If you want to join in, you have multiple options as the event will be streamed on his Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok channels. Simply load up the stream on your platform of choice when the event starts and you’re good to go!

As far as what is planned for the event, most details are unknown, but Ninja did share a few things to look forward to. First off, several guests are confirmed to be featured, including TimTheTatman, SypherPK, DrLupo, BasicallyIDOWrk, LEGIQN, and others that will be revealed leading up to the event. The official synopsis for the event states that “Ninja will take audiences on a wild ride leading up to the big countdown, teaming up with his creator friends and their communities for an engaging night of fun and surprises that includes a Fortnite tournament, games like pong, marbles, and more.”

Alongside the games, plenty of giveaways are planned where viewers can win prizes such as Domino’s gift cards, Ninja brand merchandise, and gaming tech. This may prove to be an enduring event for the massive streamer, so join in for fun, games, and to possibly to witness history in the making.

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