Dell is bringing the Infinity Display to the XPS 15

dell is bringing the infinity display to xps 15 preview

Computex 2015 is taking place this week in Taiwan, and it seems that the buzz around Windows 10 is prompting manufactures to double down on high-spec PCs intended to launch alongside the OS. Today, it’s Dell’s new XPS 15 that’s turning a lot of heads, much like its smaller sibling did back at CES 2015.

The device’s screen is the main reason it’s grabbing the attention of many attendees — earlier this year, Dell debuted the Infinity display with the XPS 13, and it looks even more impressive on the bigger XPS 15. The laptop is set to pack the same minimal bezel on an even bigger screen when it releases later this year, according to a report from The Verge.

The 2015 model of the XPS 13 was very highly praised in the Digital Trends review of the device back in January of this year. Its high-resolution, thin-bezel display was noted as one of the standout features, so it makes sense that Dell will be pushing that as the main selling point of this new model of the XPS 15.

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That said, the company has made very little information available about the device, seemingly confident that the screen is enough of a draw at this early stage. It would follow that the XPS 15 will boast comparable specs and features to the impressive XPS 13, with its larger display providing ample reason for consumers to opt for the bigger rig.

No firm details have been given with regards to pricing or a release date, but sources indicate that it’s at least several months away from release. Dell will roll out a selection of updated models in their various PC lines to take advantage of high levels of interest in the much-anticipated release of Windows 10.