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You can now buy Dell’s new slim-bezel, near-perfect 2020 XPS 13 laptop

Dell took the wraps off its improved 2020 XPS 13 laptop ahead of CES last week, but now that the annual tech extravaganza is officially underway, you can finally go out and purchase one for yourself. Prices on the laptop start at $1,000, and there’s plenty of new and innovative design elements and big value for that price.

New features onboard the 2020 XPS 13 include its thinner bezels, improved keyboard, and the latest 10th-generation Intel processors under the hood. In fact, with the new XPS 13, Dell has managed to squeeze a 13.4-inch screen into the size of an 11-inch laptop. That’s all thanks to what Dell calls a new “4-sided InfinityEdge display” that shrinks down the bottom bezel on the screen from 19.5mm to 4.6mm. The laptop sports a 91.5% screen to body ratio, and when we went hands-on with it, we found that the result was a laptop that looks like all-screen from the front.

Elsewhere, the new XPS 13 is a laptop that’s bound to be comfortable because of its improved keyboard and trackpad. Much like the one on the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, Dell has managed to make the keycaps on the keyboard 9% larger and embedded a fingerprint reader right into the power button on the keyboard. Even the trackpad has improved, as it’s now roughly 19% larger, making it easier to scroll through webpages and navigate through Windows 10. We found that this new keyboard not only looks beautiful thanks to the white color and larger keycaps, but also performs well too.

Powering the new XPS 13 is Intel’s 10th-generation Ice Lake processors. These processors are built in the 10nm architecture, so they are considerably faster than older generations. There’s also the added benefits of Iris Plus graphics, too, which we have said could yield you some decent light gaming performance.

Other improved areas on the 2020 XPS 13 include a new 16:10 aspect ratio. That makes the screen appear a bit taller and allows room for higher resolution and more room for you to multitask on the screen. Connectivity on the XPS 13 is also relatively the same, but it has been upgraded to support Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. As for ports, it sports two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a Micro SD card reader, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The additional USB-C 3.1 port has gone missing this year, but Dell is kind enough to throw a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box for no added cost.

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