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Dell XPS 13 gets 14 percent better battery life with latest BIOS update

Dell XPS 13 review (Kaby Lake)
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
Dell has made a new BIOS update available for its XPS 13 laptops, specifically those with the model No. 9360. Among the standard bug fixes, the update offers one particularly attractive upgrade: A stark improvement to the system’s battery life.

Version 1.2.3 of the laptop’s BIOS apparently offers up to 14 percent better battery life than the previous iteration, according to a report by Windows Central. The benefit is particularly noticeable while streaming video, either via an online service like Netflix or from a local source.

The improvement has been made by tweaking the way that the system processes audio. Rather than relying on the CPU, the laptop will now utilize its digital signal processor for the task, which puts far less strain on the battery.

The XPS 13 was praised for its solid battery life when Digital Trends reviewed the device in November 2016. Based on these further improvements, the system looks to be an even more attractive option for users who need a laptop that can go the distance.

Other components of the 1.2.3 BIOS update include fixes to issues relating to the Dell Thunderbolt Dock, and the absence of a taskbar option for safe removal of a USB device. A problem causing systems to hang at the Dell logo while coming out of hibernation mode has also been addressed.

Finally, there’s a tweak that removes the need for users to press their power button more than once to get the laptop to boot after an unusual shutdown.

Owners of the laptop can download the BIOS update directly from Dell via the company’s product support page. It’s recommended that users also download the latest audio driver to take advantage of its improvements to battery life while streaming video, but this isn’t an official requirement.

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