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Salivate over these beautiful screenshots of Destiny 2 running at 4K on a PC

While the gaming community may go back and forth on the merits of computer versus console gaming, the PC side always has high fidelity graphics on its side, in ways even the Xbox One X can’t reproduce. That’s particularly true with Bungie’s upcoming shooter Destiny 2, which is finally making its way to PC, complete with 4K, unlocked frame rates, 21:9 support, and all the other bells and whistles keyboard and mouse enthusiasts are used to seeing.

We got a chance to play Destiny 2 in 4K at 60 frames per second on systems powered by the GTX 1080 Ti. Even better, Nvidia took a full resolution capture of our gameplay session — the first campaign mission of the game — which players will dive into as they start it up for the first time.

If their system can keep up, they’ll be greeted with a gorgeous, highly-stylized game. As you can see from our session, it was raining in the tower, leaving water droplets on the player’s mask and weaponry, adding a glossy reflection to the last city and Earth’s ultra-modern architecture.

In addition to environmental elements, the game has its own filter that looks even more spectacular on the PC. Even the original Destiny didn’t strive for photo-realism, instead taking a more painted-over approach, and Destiny 2 leans even further into that realm. Colors have a vibrant pop to them, especially as we reach some areas of the tower that were previously inaccessible in the first game. Warm light from the neon signs bounces pleasantly off the water and windows, even as legionnaires swarm the area with massive weaponry.

Destiny’s aesthetic style and the harsh reality of the game’s world provides juxtaposed backdrops that helps remind the player of the humanity of this struggle. An overwhelming force threatens the light that powers the player and brings them back, and without it, Destiny 2 is sure to feel like a very different game than its predecessor.

Bungie’s hotly-anticipated sequel lands on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6th, 2017, with the PC version releasing later, on October 24, according to the Blizzard Launcher, where PC gamers can already pre-order.

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