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Digital Storm is coming out with a HydroLux successor this month

Two years ago, Digital Storm bestowed upon the world its HydroLux, a premium hybrid cooling solution for, presumably, premium PCs. Back then, purchasing one of these systems would cost you well over $1,000.

Now, the high-end PC maker is back for seconds with HydroLux Pro. Revealed at CES earlier today, HydroLux Pro gives you the option between hard acrylic or copter tubes, with a number of added fittings, valves, and even a custom-made cable management system.

“We’ve incorporated the apex of enthusiast grade liquid cooling builds into our flag-ship desktops,” says Digital Storm COO Jarjit Chana in a press release. “HydroLux PRO is the final frontier of custom liquid cooling and our imagination is the only limit.”

With HyroLux Pro, Digital Storm aims to substitute advanced compression fittings — the “elbow joints” and “bends” of yesteryear — with brackets that are painless to detach and, therefore, effortless to replace if additional components need to be added or removed. Furthermore, the cooling system packs in 45 and 90-degree angled adaptors, making for an attractive and flexible design purportedly suitable for even the most complex setups.


Lastly, both the copper and acrylic tubing options make for a durable cooling system that will last years without rust or tube discoloration, according to Digital Storm. Plus, with the company’s airflow control board and accompanying software, you get to control the temperature and noise to fit your own independent needs.

The HydroLux Pro will be available exclusively in custom Digital Storm rigs beginning January 27, 2016. Pricing information for the liquid cooling system has not yet been revealed, though if its predecessor is anything to go by, you can assume the HydroLux Pro will be, at the very least, equally costly.

Thankfully for Digital Storm customers, ease of purchase is prioritized over cost, as its machines are one of many luxurious pre-built custom PC options.

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