Eat a keyboard-shaped waffle with this $60 maker

The Keyboard Waffle Iron is sure to have tech geeks everywhere drooling all over their, er, keyboards in salivary anticipation of a contraption that looks set to transform the humble breakfast forever.

As its name cleverly suggests, the maker knocks out waffles in the shape of a computer keyboard, with the abundant and variously shaped inverted ‘keys’ ideal for holding your favorite toppings and fillings.

The idea for the Keyboard Waffle Iron was first unveiled seven years ago by designer Chris Dimino, though back then it was more of an art project than a serious proposal for a product.

Having tweaked the design over the years, New York City-based Dimino has now decided to hit Kickstarter with his unique waffle iron, and needs to pull in $50,000 by Christmas Day to make it a reality. If that happens, and you throw $60 Dimino’s way, you should be cooking up your very own keyboard-shaped waffles by April next year.

To encourage backers to lay down their cash, the designer is offering plenty of exclusives, including limited-edition models numbered and signed by the creator himself, “extra fancy” wax-sealed cards for those wishing to gift the maker to a waffle-fanatic friend, and limited-edition signed art prints of the Corona-Matic waffle maker – Dimino’s original design from 2007.

keyboard waffle iron

According to its creator, the waffle iron has been “designed to be easy to use, portable, versatile, durable, and most importantly – make a delicious, perfectly crispy, perfectly keyboard-shaped waffle.”

“Gamers, coders, cubicle jockeys, bloggers, hackers, spreadsheet ninjas, social media socialites, we are all keyboard warriors,” Dimino writes on his Kickstarter page, adding, “The Keyboard Waffle Iron is the fruit of our conquest.”