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Eizo’s EV2780 features a 27-inch bezel-less monitor with USB Type-C support

eizo ev2780 27 inch monitor usb type c flexscan
The new USB Type-C connector has become de rigueur among new technology products, showing up on everything from smartphones to notebooks. The new port offers a number of advantages over the older micro USB slot, including directionless plugin, increased data rates, and the ability to carry power to charge external devices.

Another feature of the new connector is the ability to carry audio and video signals along with data, allowing one cable to provide both input to a display and power out to a connected notebook or mobile device. Accordingly, display maker Eizo has jumped on the bandwagon according to a press release issued on Tuesday, offering the 27-inch FlexScan EV2780 monitor with USB Type-C connector.

The EV2780 is a large bezel-less display with a 1mm-thick frame and a fully flat surface and comes in black and white with matching cables. Picture-by-picture functionality and a number of ergonomic and energy-saving enhancements are also on board. The LED-backlit IPS panel offers up 178-degree viewing angles and WQHD resolution (2560 by 1440 pixels).

The monitor offers three USB Type-C ports. One of the connectors can serve as an input, as a connection to power external devices, or both depending on the device. The other two USBM Type-C connectors are available in an integrated USB hub. The EV2780 also offers DisplayPort and HDMI ports for additional input support.

Eizo’s Auto EcoView sensor automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to match ambient lighting as well as apply circadian-dimming capabilities. If a user has more than one EV2780 in a multi-monitor setup, then all of them can be adjusted in a single step. A Screen InStyle server app is available that allows administrators to adjust monitors across an enterprise.

The EV2780 includes dual 1W speakers and a headphone jack for audio support. The ergonomic stand offers 155mm of height adjustment, up to 40 degrees of tilt, and 344-degree swivel. The monitor can also be pivoted a full 90 degrees for portrait-mode support.

Eizo has not yet announced availability for the EV2780, which will vary by country. Contact Eizo for pricing and availability in your region. The monitors will come with a five-year warranty and six-month bright pixel guarantee to provide buyers with some confidence.

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