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Ellen DeGeneres Gives Barnes & Noble Nook and More to Audience

ellen-xmasWonder why the Nook is completely sold out until 2010—we’ll tell you—it’s because Ellen DeGeneres rounded up a bunch of them to give away [for FREE] to her studio audience. Ellen DeGeneres announced on her show today—right after dancing with a giant elf shoe named “Big Booty”—that she will be giving her entire studio audience a B&N Nook, a MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot, a Powermat wireless charger, Nokia Booklet 3G netbook, and a Palm Pixi to every member in her audience. Interestingly enough, Ellen’s big “kicker” of a prize was the Palm Pixi, which she revealed at last and after the commercial break. Seriously, studio audience, are you truly more excited about the Palm Pixi than the Nook? Needless to say it was a pretty impressive and generous give away—and needless to say, we’re pretty darn jealous.

Check out the video clip. WARNING: there will be screaming.

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