For the Lulz: Escapist, EVE online and others attacked in LulzSec DDoS party

nyaaaannyaaaanLulz Security, also known as LulzSec or “those $#*! hackers again”, continued their unchallenged online rampage today. They dubbed their latest hacking conquests: Titanic Takeover Tuesday. The casualties of the attacks include Escapist Magazine as well as some popular online gaming sites.

Lulz Sec started off today’s string of attacks with the online Escapist magazine. Robert Mcmillian at IDG News points out a possible connection between the wrathful swarms of comments after the Bethesda hack and the strike against the online magazine. One forum member wrote, “I want them caught and punished, a few years in jail for people like that would be hell”. The DDoS tactics kept the magazine struggling to stay online for a good portion of the day.

Though the attack on the Escapist may or may not have been retaliatory, the hacker group kept in line with their random “for the lulz” theme and invited anyone to recommend new targets to obliterate by calling 614-LULZSEC. The Twitter account claimed that by the end of the day they had 3500+ missed calls and 1500+ voicemails for the Lulz Cannon.

After tweeting for suggestions, the group went to work on wiping out the login server for EVE Online, the Minecraft login server and League of Legends. Their efforts ended up inadvertantly took down game websites as well. The total conquests for the day’s “DDoS party” include: the Escapist magazine, the 3 gaming websites as well as 8 phone requests. So far, Lulzsec has put their stamp on PBS, Sony, Nintendo, FBI’s Infragard, the U.S. Senate, Unveillance, CitiGroup, and a porn website. There doesn’t seem to be any website safe from being exploited for Lulz.

The twitter account also mentions a thread on 4chan’s infamous /b/ board, following the attacks on LOL and the other gaming sites, which announced a challenge LulzSec may be taking seriously. “We are the concentrated success of 2005 /b/, being ‘hunted’ by the 2011 furry horde. Challenge accepted, losers” they tweeted. Perhaps the anarchistic 4chan imageboards will be the next stop for the Lulz ship.

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