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Exploring GIGABYTE AI PC technology: The Computex AI exhibit everyone should see

GIGABYTE AI PC AORUS content creation at work

This isn’t Skynet. AI isn’t taking over absolutely everything, at least not yet, but it is taking hold all across the tech world. The technology is making our interactions and capabilities more powerful, from mobile devices to smart virtual assistants. Take GIGABYTE’s latest and innovative AI PC, which amplifies the capabilities of your average system. It unleashes VR creativity through optimal computational power merged with AI capabilities, pushing the boundaries of content creation. It also offers a ton of value to collaborative projects, sparking networking and knowledge exchanges through AI-driven creative opportunities. But to truly understand how this technology is shaping the future and how GIGABYTE’s cutting-edge AI PC is pioneering innovation and creativity, we’ll explore the brand’s exhibit GIGABYTE AI New Era: Humanity X Art X Technology featured at Computex 2024.

GIGABYTE’s Computex AI Exhibit: Experience the future

Gigabyte 2024 AI event at Computex
Gigabyte 2024 AI event_KV GIGABYTE

Meant to be a pioneering hub showcasing the wonders of technology at Computex 2024, GIGABYTE has created its AI Exhibit, consolidating diverse AI applications into one cohesive platform.

Do you want to know what it feels like to shape the future with your hands? GIGABYTE AI PC and its Computex exhibit are giving you — and attendees — precisely that experience. Take a moment to explore the transformative power of modern AI and what’s capable right now with the technology. Generate stunning art, explore your wildest imaginations, or witness how it empowers machine learning applications first-hand.

There are three main exhibits available at GIGABYTE’s Computex booth:

AI Artist Showcase

GIGABYTE AI Artist Showcase exhibit at Computex 2024

The AI Artist Showcase, for example, allows generative AI artists worldwide to participate and explore the intersection of art, imagination, and digital realities. Create works of art and immerse yourself in the captivating virtual worlds of generative AI.

Versus AI Street Fighting Arcade

GIGABYTE VERSUS AI Street Fighting exhibit at Computex 2024

Take part in the VS AI Street Fighting Arcade: Unleashing the Fighting Spirit. It’s the classic arcade you know and love with a twist; it hosts battles using AI tools. Powered by AORUS desktop computers, play the beloved fighter in a new light while exploring the deep connections between humans and AI.

AI real-world applications

GIGABYTE AI real world applications exhibit Computex 2024

Finally, see what AI applications can do in the real world. Using AORUS desktops and laptops, you’ll dive into a vast exploration of AI applications used to enhance everyday life. It’s a real answer to what AI can do for you.

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GIGABYTE AI PC: Features and applications explored

While the exciting experiences above are available for Computex attendees, everyone can utilize the power of GIGABYTE AI PCs. For example, GIGABYTE’s AI Creator Workshop allows AI-powered video editing and upscaling through streamlined workflows, revolutionizing VR video creation. Topaz Video AI can upscale lower-resolution video and footage to 8K with real-time editing. Meanwhile, the Generative AI Lab offers immersive cutting-edge visuals like live AI drawing, text-to-image generation, live image capture, and even AI-powered gaming.

Of course, all of this is made possible by GIGABYTE AORUS desktops and laptops, which are packed with power and feature the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs.

Whether attending Computex 2024 or not, you can explore everything GIGABYTE is showcasing on its dedicated GIGABYTE AI website. I highly recommend visiting; there’s some interesting stuff to explore. No, Skynet isn’t online just yet, but this gives us a glimpse of how helpful AI will be for creative tasks in the future. It will be back.

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Your Mac is about to get a killer security feature
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Everyone is talking about the potential security problems with Apple's recent AI push, but Apple has also announced a new security feature in macOS Sequoia that sounds incredibly handy. The feature is called "Rotate Wi-Fi Address," which increases user privacy by randomly modifying your Apple device's MAC addresses when connected to a network.

In addition to being available in Sequoia, the feature is also coming to iOS 18 and iPadOS 18.

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One of the most important parts of any PC gaming rig is a monitor. We live in an age of graphically-demanding titles like League of Legends and Helldivers 2, which makes features like HDR and frame rate more important than ever. Thankfully, companies like Alienware are on top of display production, giving us terrific screens like the Alienware AW2524H. And right now, Dell is offering a $300 markdown on this blistering-fast 500Hz monitor. That's an incredible Alienware deal!

Why you should buy the Alienware AW2524
If you’ve spent any time in the online gaming space, you’ll know just how important it is to have a solid headset on standby. But when you’re done for the day, headphones are often the one item that just hang out on your desk. If you’re all about keeping things organized, the AW2524’s integrated headphone stand is going to put a smile on your face. 

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This free, open-source tool is the only AI app I constantly use
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I don't use a lot of AI applications. There's the generative fill-in apps like Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as the crop of online chatbots like ChatGPT and local bots like Chat with RTX. But there's only one AI tool that I find myself constantly reaching for when using my PC.

It's called Upscayl, and as the name implies, it's an AI-powered upscaling utility for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports a long list of AI models that run on your graphics card, and it allows you to scale otherwise unrecoverable images to insanely high resolutions. More than anything, though, Upscayl is easy to use -- and that's something that most AI apps struggle with.
Here's what Upscayl can do

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