Support the Mission Critical 3D display, get a ‘mind-blowing’ glasses-free 3D monitor

glasses free 3d display seeking crowdfunding on kickstarter dti

3D technology has been the subject to a lot of controversy over the years, but almost everyone can agree on two things. 3D tech is cool, but 3D glasses aren’t.

A small R&D company based in Rochester, New York that has worked for over 25 years in collaboration with NASA and the US Department of Defense, among others, might have the solution. After scoring research and development contracts from a number of governmental agencies, and making the life of astronauts and pilots a lot easier, Dimension Technologies wants to address the masses. The 3D gaming/3D movie-loving crowds, to be specific.

Scrutinized and lauded by 3D experts, movie editors, game developers and creative directors, the Mission-Critical 3D monitor, as DTI calls it, ditches standard 3D glasses yet seamlessly switches from 2D to 3D content without damaging image quality.

The 27-inch screen runs at an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate and sports 1080p resolution in both 2D and 3D mode. Brightness levels sit at between 300 and 350 NITS and the company claims there’s no crosstalk, sweetspots or restrictions on how the user views the display.

Sounds too good to be true? DTI thought so too, so it’d grabbed testimonial from experts like Fangwei Lee, a visual effects designer whose credits include How To Train Your Dragon 2  and Megamind. Lee states that he “loves” the monitor. Carl White, a videographer, is quoted saying “I was mind blown.”

Still, seeing is believing, so if you want to make gamer-friendly authentic glasses-free 3D tech a reality, the Kickstarter page is open for pledges. Contributions as low as $5 are accepted but you’ll need to donate $895 to score one of the first 27-inch 3D/2D display units to be produced for consumer use. That rises to $995 once the first 25 monitors are sold.

Right now there’s a little over $8,500 pledged of the $150,000 goal. December 24 is the donation deadline, and if the project is fully funded, Mission-Critical 3D is estimated to deploy in June 2015.