Google provides incentives for businesses to use Docs instead of Microsoft Word

If you’re a business sporting an enterprise agreement with … I don’t know, Microsoft? — Google has some news for you. In an appropriately titled blog post, the tech giant boldly claims that not only is Google Docs better than it was when it first launched nine years ago, but it’s now a “productivity powerhouse,” and Google wants you to switch.

To give you some incentive to make that switch, Google is offering to pay for your Google Apps for Business subscription (normally $5 per user per month) — at least until your Office 365 contract runs out. Additionally, the corporation has even bestowed upon us its generosity, offering to “chip in” on the setup costs and adding businesses who make the switch to its extensive list of Google for Work partners.

Then, when your contract with that other unnamed company (ahem … Microsoft) expires, Google promises a straightforward contract with “no traps” or “gotchas.” Fortunately, Google has also supported some of its eye roll-inducing neologism with more fact-based evidence. For instance, Google estimates that by switching to its Apps for Work service, companies can save up to 70 percent.

Likewise, the company assures us, Google Docs bears only the essential features you’d need from a Word processor, cutting out all the fluff in the process. And, all the while, it somehow finds room for features absent from its competitors, including Voice Typing and Explore. If you’re interested in saving some cash for your business and getting a potentially easier-to-use software bundle, Google says you can do so on its Apps for Work inquiry page here.

This offer is only on the table for residents of the U.S. and Canada, however, though Google assures that it’s “actively working” to extend this deal internationally. Of course, the most surprising news was that several people in the comments section of the post actually took the time to share it to their Google+ circles. Incredible.