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You may soon be able to sign files right in Google Docs

Google has announced plans to implement an eSignature tool into Google Docs for its business users. The brand detailed on its Workspace Updates blog that the feature will work like a drag and drop, allowing you to add aspects, including signature and date signed to a Google Docs file.

You will also be able to request a signature in a similar fashion to how file sharing already works on Google Docs. Google notes all that comments and suggestions have to be resolved in a Docs file before a signature request can be made.

A signature being added to Google Docs.

The brand added that its intent in adding eSignatures to Google Docs is to create a layer of security, by not having collaborators need to download and reupload PDF files in order to transfer completed online contracts. All contract drafting and development can be done within Google Docs.

Once it’s time to sign, tracking and progress of signatures can also be monitored within Docs. There is also an option to create copies of contracts if they will be used more than once. Once all parties have signed a document, a completed contract will be emailed in PDF form for record keeping.

Google plans to soon roll out this feature as a beta for Google Workspace Individual users. There currently is no word on how the tool will expand beyond that. Google notes that many users might already be implementing other eSignature tools that work with Workspace, such as DocuSign, which works in a similar way to what Google is proposing.

Google Workspace is the brand’s paid version of its services, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Drives, which are marketed toward businesses and professionals.

Google has dedicated much of 2022 to adding more productivity features to its Google Workspace products. Another recent update allows you to highlight more than one selection of text at once in order to perform formatting functions on text more efficiently.

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