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Google’s Maps Gallery maps out everything from minefields to congressional districts

googles maps gallery everything minefields congressional districts google

Maps are not only a convenient and fairly straightforward tool to help you get from Point A to Point B, but can also be a compelling way to present information and sets of data. Google feels the same way apparently.

With that in mind, cue some entrance music for Google’s Maps Gallery, which you can see for yourself by clicking here. Google Maps Gallery has a map that caters to a multitude of interests, whether you’re interested in seeing how exactly U.S. congressional districts are drawn up, how affordable homes are in the U.S, what the world’s average temperatures were between 1951 and 1980, or even track the progress of the land mine removal process in Kosovo.

Here’s what Jordan Breckenridge, the Product Manager for Google Maps, had to say about the announcement.

“If you’ve ever wondered which trails Lewis & Clark traveled for their famous expedition, or looked for maps of the best schools in your region, you may have found yourself scouring the web without much luck. The best results for your search may come from governments, nonprofits and businesses, but historically that information has been hard to find or inaccessible to the public. Well, now, with the new Google Maps Gallery, it’s easier for you to find maps like those all in one place.”

Google has worked in concert with several public and private entities, including the National Geographic Society, World Bank Group, United States Geological Survey, Florida Emergency Management, and other outfits, to compile these maps and put them in one place for easy consumption. You can apply to have your maps added to Google Maps Gallery by filling out and submitting this form.

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