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Hands-on photos of Motorola’s Atrix/Droid Bionic 4G smartphone and dock

We got a chance to check out Motorola’s exciting new Atrix/Droid Bionic 4G smartphone at CES. The Atrix is one of the most powerful smartphones to hit the US market with a dual core 2 GHz processor capable of browsing the web at twice the speed of most competitors. Motorola’s webtop application allows a full Firefox 3.6 browser to be run with support for Adobe Flash. Possibly even more impressive than the phone is the corresponding Laptop Dock that turns the phone into an 11.6-inch laptop with full keyboard, speakers and three-cell battery. The phone is simply docked into the back of the device and all the phones apps can be enjoyed on the much larger screen. There are subtle hardware differences between the Atrix and the Bionic and with the Atrix being available on AT&T and the Bionic being available on Verizon.

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